Introduction of Aimei International Group

Aimei International Group, with a focus on the field of beauty industry, is a comprehensive company engaged in businesses of various industries. Aimei International owns Aimei Cosmetics, Aimei Yushan, Aimei Impression Cultural Communication, Amez E-Commerce, Amez Trading Company, Amez American Company, Aimei Ivy Business College, Aimei Baby Kindergarten, Astar Aimei Medical Aesthetic, Home of BeautyMalonmayDapeng Valley and other branches. Its market covers Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, with businesses engaged in the fields of beauty, catering, media, e-commerce, education, finance, etc.!

Aimei International owns more than 10,000 beauty salons, over 10,000 selling counters for daily cosmetic products, and 100,000 media advertising terminals across the country. It has nearly 2,000 employees working for the Group and tens of thousands of employees for the franchises. With tremendous physical off-line resources, rich talent pools for various industries, accurate market positioning, and unique decision-making strategies based on big data, Aimei International is enjoying unique advantages in the beauty and health industry!

Over the past fifteen years, Aimei International has continuously refreshed the traditional competition pattern in the beauty industry for its diversified industrial layout. Adhering to the development polices with physical beauty products as its foundation, Aimei International aims to liberate the owners of beauty salons as its ultimate goal. Up to now, Aimei International has supported more than 5,000 beauty salons to achieve high profits, more than 8,000 stores of Aimei have developed with the help of Aimei teams, and 50,000 professional managers and grassroots employees have been promoted to higher positions. With all these accomplishments, Aimei International has grown into a company, the success of which cannot be copied and the role of which cannot be replaced in the beauty industy.